You Can Now Post GIF Images On Facebook

Did you know that now you could post GIF images on your Facebook timeline? In other words, animated images!

So finally Facebook allows its users to post GIF images on there timeline. Want to know how to post GIF images too ?

It’s easy: Just drop the link to the GIF of choice in the status update bar, and post away. GIFs can come from wherever as well—Imgur, Tumblr, a Google Image search, wherever. Before, we were hemmed in by needing Giphy’s catalog (which remains excellent, for the record), but no longer. It appears that right now, the feature is still rolling out and while most users can post GIFs, Pages (for businesses or publishers) do not have access yet.


A GIF button will  appear in the middle of the image, click it and enjoy. Here is how it should look like.


Here are some cool GIF to get you started with 😉 .




You can find many cool GIF’s that you would like to from .

What are you waiting for ? Start posting some GIF images 😀 !
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